Re: [Evolution] GAL LDAP access parameters

Does someone know how to setup LDAP parameters to access the GAL (for
example, what are the DN values)? As this seems the solution used by
the OWA connector, how does it deduce these parameters?

After several trials, here are the parameters that work for me. First
of all, you need to know two parameters: the Windows domain
<win_domain> and the registered domain name as known by your DNS
<domain_name> (typically, every server you can connect to has an
address following the scheme <server_name>.<domain_name>).

You first have to know where reside the server holding the GAL.
Typically, this is a domain controller. Ask your IT department or try
the following command:

 dig -t any _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.<win_domain>.<domain_name>

This should return a server holding the GAL.

Now, you can create a new LDAP address book in evolution with the
following parameters.

In the 'Address Book Properties'->'General' tab,

Server: the GAL server name.
Port: 3268
Both 'TLS encryption' and 'No encryption' worked for me.

Login method: 'Using distinguished name (DN)'
Login: <win_domain>\<win_login_name>

In the 'Address Book Properties'->'General' tab,

Use the 'Find Possible Search Bases' and look for something sensible.
In my case, it is 'DC=<domain_name_first_label>,
Search scope: 'Sub'

The search filter could be used to limit the results to actual person
names. I'm still looking into this...

Hope this helps.


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