Re: [Evolution] Can't connect to GAL with evolution-mapi trunk

On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 7:50 PM, Johnny Jacob <jjohnny novell com> wrote:
On Sun, 2009-02-08 at 10:10 +0100, Vincent Bossier wrote:

I recently faced an Exchange2007 upgrade and had to say goodbye to my
OWA connector.

I managed to build a complete Evolution stack on my Ubuntu Intrepid
system. I followed the instructions from This
includes latest versions of evolution-data-server, evolution,
openchange and evolution-mapi trunks as well as Samba4alpha6 and all
required libraries.

I can now read mails from the Exchange2007 server :-)

However, the connection to the GAL seems not to work. Name resolution
does not work and prevents sending mails. There is no message in the

Were you trying to send a mail to a external recipient or a internal
recipient ?

Mails to external recipients work. Sorry not to have given this detail.

For internal recipients, the mail source itself (CTRL-U) does not show
complete mail addresses. It only gives full names that must be
resolved afterwards, from what I understand.


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