Re: [Evolution] Enter password for the default keyring to unlock

On Sun, 2009-02-08 at 18:30 -0600, HggdH wrote:
On Fri, 2009-02-06 at 20:52 +0000, Phil wrote:
Trying to use Evolution for E mail.
I keep getting a window that says,

"Enter password for the default keyring to unlock"

Two buttons....deny and ok and somewhere to put your password.

What is this and how do I get rid of it?

As Jeff pointed out, current Evolution is integrated with Gnome-keyring.
This pop-up is probably, huh, popping up because your login password and
the g-kr password do not match anymore.

Until (AFAICR) gnome-keyring 2.24 you could change your g-kr password by
running gnome-keyring-manager. On current 2.25 Gnome I cannot find this
utility anymore -- but this may well be due to my ignorance. If you
still have this utility, run it, and reset the g-kr password (your
previous login password should be the one) to your current login
password, and you should be all set.

Thanks for the tip. I didn't know that the login password was reused for
the keyring.

I didn't have gnome-keyring-manager, but found the possibility to change
the keyring password in "seahorse-preferences". It's called "Encryption
and Keyrings" in the GNOME desktop preferences, which is a bit more
useful name...

Bye, Patrick Ohly
Patrick Ohly gmx de

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