Re: [Evolution] Enter password for the default keyring to unlock

On Fri, 2009-02-06 at 20:52 +0000, Phil wrote:
Trying to use Evolution for E mail.
I keep getting a window that says,

"Enter password for the default keyring to unlock"

Two buttons....deny and ok and somewhere to put your password.

What is this and how do I get rid of it?

As Jeff pointed out, current Evolution is integrated with Gnome-keyring.
This pop-up is probably, huh, popping up because your login password and
the g-kr password do not match anymore.

Until (AFAICR) gnome-keyring 2.24 you could change your g-kr password by
running gnome-keyring-manager. On current 2.25 Gnome I cannot find this
utility anymore -- but this may well be due to my ignorance. If you
still have this utility, run it, and reset the g-kr password (your
previous login password should be the one) to your current login
password, and you should be all set.

Also, it keeps asking me for my email password even though I've
the box that says, "Remember password"

Any ideas?

Yes. Again, as already pointed out, your Evolution is set to use
gnome-keyring. So... it will always use it, until you rebuild without
g-kr integration.




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