[Evolution] Very bad performance issues on startup after upgrade 2.22->2.24 (opensuse 11.0->11.1)


Evolution is my standard mua since... I don't remember when, and I've
been happy with it most of the time. But since latest OS update, it's
performance (especially on startup) went very bad. I'm not sure if it's
an opensuse or an evolution issue, but since everything else is working
fine after the OS upgrade, I guess it's evolution-related.

Before:   opensuse 11.0, evolution 2.22 : everything perfect & quick
After: opensuse 11.1, evolution 2.24: after startup, I need to wait
about 5-10 minutes (!) to be able to access to my mailboxes and until
the active tasks (in the status bar) disappear: about 7-10 "Checking for
new mail", a few "Ping server..." and "Opening folder...".

There were no change to the setup nor to the mail server.  I have about
10 IMAP mailboxes on different servers (quite big, but everything was
fine before, so...),    no local antispam filtering, no

Any idea what I should/could try to solve that problem?  Now to be able
to work I need to start thunderbird until evolution is ready.... it's
not ideal :-) 

regards & thanks in advance for any hint, Olivier

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