Re: [Evolution] Shared Calendars

On Thu, 2009-02-05 at 10:21 +0100, Nicolas Michel wrote:
Hello here,

I'm at work with Evolution connected to an Exchange 2003. Everything
goes well except that I can't see my collegue's calendars.
But if I look it at by the exchange web portal
( where is ab is one
of my collegue, it works well (I need to enter my username et

Is there something to configure into Evolution to have access to other
calendars than mine? Or could someone give me the steps to make it

Thank you very much,
Nicolas Michel 

it sounds related to this bug [1] which is still opened, though.

Ideally, the user should just share his/her calendar (doing with
permissions, but it Outlook they call it differently), and then in
Evolution, (be sure you've running your GAL (Global Address List)
properly - you can look for users there,) in the calendar window, choose
File->Subscribe to other user's calendar
and fill all the entries there. And it should add the foreign calendar
to yours.

It has the known bug, as I wrote above.



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