[Evolution] new subscriber seeks configuration help

     IÂm sure that this has been asked and answerd. IÂm a new subscriber
and have no idea how
to search the list archives. Please tell me how, and IÂll go do that.
Please answer my question
if it is easy to answer.

    I have a win-xp and ubuntu dual boot laptop. I run Evolution as my
email reader on both sides.
Can anyone tell me how to configure so that I have a common set of local
folders and plugins and such.
IÂd really like to see my same task list and calendar and email folders
regardless of which way I boot.
I have a partition that is shared between win-xp and ubuntu so I could
make a suitable folder tree.
[ The tree exists, I simply donÂt know how to hook things up.]

~~~ 0;-D

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