Re: [Evolution] scalabilty issues resolved in next major release (2.6.28)?

On Sun, 2009-08-23 at 21:53 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

Your BZ report talks about issues with large newsgroups.


Are you seeing
the same with large mail folders?

I don't have any/enough mail folders that compete with the quantity/size
of newsgroups.

I have one IMAP folder with over
60,000 messages in it and I don't see any sluggishness (maybe a few
seconds on startup),

That's not surprising then.  Not that I trust the message counts much
anymore (since the sqlite migration fiasco), but the vfolder that
aggregates all of my newsgroups says there are 418389 messages in it
with 418344 unread (i.e. only 5 unread messages -- yeah right).  However
I know the difference between read and unread messages is in reality
much much greater than that.  Case in point for not trusting the message
count numbers any more.  But I digress on to yet another bug.

Performance in an individual (real) folder is great.  Switching from
message to message is quick.  It's in vfolders which represent a large
aggregation where the message-to-message performance is sluggish, and of
course, as I have said, startup times after a crash (which is still too
frequent an occurrence unfortunately) is on the order of close to 10
minutes if not more and when I strace it, it's all reads/writes to the
sqlite db(s).

 but I don't use Evo for newsgroups.

You should try it sometime if you want to see the scaling problems.

I use gmane and nntp for mailing lists instead of getting the mail
delivered here.  Doing that really highlights the scaling problems.

IMHO, the evo developers (especially the ones responsible for its
scalability) should be *required* to use gmane for all of their mailing
lists.  Nothing like having to eat your own dogfood to making it taste


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