[Evolution] scalabilty issues resolved in next major release (2.6.28)?

I'm just wondering if the folder scalability issues will be resolved for
the next major release (2.6.28)?

For reference, I filed bug 589245 in bugzilla back on July 21 and the
only response was a recommendation to use the patch in bug 564388 which
I reported I am already using.

Even with that patch Evolution is not scaling very well.  Startup times
after a crash are on the order of many many minutes, before I see a UI
even and then many more minutes before it's usable and them many more
minutes before vfolders are all fully populated.

General use of vfolders, (i.e. simply traversing a mailbox, reading
e-mail and deleting messages) is very sluggish too, often taking seconds
to refresh the preview pane when a new message is selected.

Evolution is also frequently chewing up much of my CPU and running my
disk ragged.

Will any of this be addressed any time soon?


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