Re: [Evolution] getting evolution working with MS Exchange

I'm confused, are you running Ubuntu 9.04 or Fedora 11? Anyway, your evo
packages look fine, and you do have samba4 and libtalloc, but I can't
find any reference to libmapi. It may have been included in
evolution-mapi, but in my distro they're separate. So you could probably
search for that, if its separate it should have been a dependency
anyhow, but I have had bad experience with rpm-dependencies, so YMMV.

Anyhow, you have both the mapi and OWA connector. The first you select
(at account creation or editing) by selecting "Exchange MAPI" for server
type, the second by selecting "Microsoft Exchange". I suggest for now
using the second "Microsoft Exchange", then you don't even need
samba4/libmapi and all that jazz. Find your OWA URL (when you logon to
the web interface, there's a URL that you should copy paste up to
the /owa part) and use it.

On Tue, 2009-08-11 at 14:28 -0600, Vladimir Sheftelyevich wrote:
I am attaching a package list. If you could, please have a look and
tell me if all is good. BTW this is from patched Fedora 11 box.

Subject: RE: [Evolution] getting evolution working with MS Exchange
From: ngoonee gmail com
To: vsheftelyevich hotmail com
CC: evolution-list gnome org
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 09:07:42 +0800

During configuration you have to choose the type of Server, if you
exchange that means you're running evolution-exchange. Please note
evolution-mapi in 9.04 does not work unless you also install samba4
libmapi (I haven't logged in to my 9.04 for a while, I think those
the package names. Dependency issue with the packagers).

If you're using Exchange 2003 then I recommend the
plugin. It uses the OWA (Outlook Web Access) scraper, so your
server should have a web access URL which you feed to it.

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