Re: [Evolution] inbox privacy

hello, I want to know if there is a patch or add-on, I could use to protect
and hide my inbox and sent folders from prying eyes?

Your Evolution data are normal files in the file system, and are
normally located under the user's home directory ("profile folder" is
the term on Windows, I guess), which in normal cases is protected

You didn't tell what operating system and what kind of environment you
are using. If you have chosen an operating system that does its best
to hide the possibility to protect files between different users (XP
or Vista Home Edition?), that is then your problem. It does not make
sense to add encryption features to Evolution just for cases where the
user is using an operating system where the explicit intent is that
the data of one user is not protected from another.

(Note that I have never used XP Home Edition, or any Vista Home
Edition. I don't know in what way the "lack of protection" actually is
implemented in them. From what I see on the web, apparently it *is*
possible to protect files and folders with normal NTFS ACLs also on
the Home editions, you just have to use the command-line cacls command
to do it, Explorer doesn't offer way to see or change protection at

On the other hand, if you with "prying eyes" means the eyes of people
with root access on Unix (or Linux) machines or Administrator access
on Windows machines, then there is little you can do to "protect" your
data against them. They can do anything anyway.

Also Evolution has an hard time to load under Vista, any suggestions?

Please be more specific.


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