Re: [Evolution] Folders questions - 1) drag & drop; 2) folder order

On Sun, 2008-10-12 at 18:24 -0700, gen0 wrote:
I have the same problem!  I am using the DIP Consultants installer for
Evolution 2.22.2 on Windows (Vista x64).

When I drag/drop messages from one folder to another, they are copied and
not moved (still present in source folder, I can verify this by logging in
via webmail too) - however if I use right-click and Move, the message is

Thanks for reporting. Checked it just now. [Shift] + drag/drop messages.
I think that's the "Move" operation. I guess its a preference. Need to
check though :-/ 

Did you figure out a fix?  Or is it a matter of waiting for a new version?

We have an updated 2.24.0 installer at 

Just disable the Templates plugin for now, and it would work good.


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