[Evolution] search does not function correctly in evolution 2.25.1 (svn trunk build)

Please describe the problem:
I have an imap account and local folders. I search for a term in the mail body. 
2 messages contain this term. One is located in my imap folders, the other in
my local folders.
When I select the Inbox folder of the imap account and choose "All Accounts"
for the search, only the one in the local folders is found. When I choose
"Current Account", the one in the imap folders is found correctly.

This is just an example of some oddities with the search, which makes it
somewhat unreliable.

I do have the trunk checkout here. It's a recent build. If you give me some
instructions on how to debug this, I can give more details.

Regards, thomas


PS: I am on ubuntu linux hardy.

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