[Evolution] Gmail: "Error storing folder ..."

I get the above message several times a day when using Gmail via IMAP. I
basically have Evo running all the time, but when this happens I quit
and restart, and everything works again.

On another list someone mentioned that Gmail times out connections after
10 minutes, so I reduced my "check mailbox" period to 5 minutes. This
seemed to help slightly, but the problem has definitely not gone away.

I realize that the problem could well be on Gmail's side, but the fact
of the matter is that it's an extremely popular service and since it
began offering IMAP access a year or so ago a lot of people want to use
Evo with it. The irritating thing is that quitting Evo and restarting
always fixes the problem, which makes me think that Evo could itself do
this on my behalf if it wanted to. Does anyone think this is a
defensible enhancement, or would it break other stuff? (One possible
objection is that quitting and restarting seems to lose the "Read" state
of messages marked since the last synch).


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