Re: [Evolution] view "forwarded" status?

thanks ot both of you for that.  i suppose i could get mutt to do this
--  say, parse the em in python, then feed it back to mutt --  but
better for me would be if i could pipe it back to evolution & have the
original em marked as forwarded.

If the account to which you are forwarding is also in Evo, then just use
the filters to move the email to the new account within Evo - you don't
need to invoke an external agent.  The only reason to go external is if
you are forwarding to someone else.

If you then want to highlight the messages, just set the colour as part
of the filter command (after they've been moved).

  the command line seems a little
clunky -- if i'm forwarding the whole message, it will get very long,
and if there are quotes in there i imagine i'd be likely to run into
syntax errors.

The message isn't put on to the command line, it is piped to the


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