Re: [Evolution] view "forwarded" status?

On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 8:22 AM, Reid Thompson <Reid Thompson ateb com> wrote:
Matt Price wrote:
On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 12:42 PM, Reid Thompson wrote:
Matt Price wrote:
Is there a way to get evolution to display that a message has been
you'll need to give the version of evo you're on -- pretty sure there was a bug re this that has been 

evo -- not 2.24 yet...

still wondering about this -- there doesn't seem to be a column
available that gives the "forwarded" status marker -- the way e.g. one
sees and 'F' in mutt after something's been forwarded.  am i missing

ps -- even BETTER would be a script that could automate forwarding
when certian keywords are detected -- this is something i might be
able to do with procmail or something, but i have no idea how to do it
with evolution.  i'd welcome any tips....  t

you can use evo filters to do this -- I think there was a previous discussion about using pipe to program 
-- where program is a
script that does the forwarding using mutt/mail/mailx/sendmail/python/ruby/perl to do the forwarding.

thanks ot both of you for that.  i suppose i could get mutt to do this
--  say, parse the em in python, then feed it back to mutt --  but
better for me would be if i could pipe it back to evolution & have the
original em marked as forwarded.

Hmmm, the filter options do not offer setting status to forwarded, but, you could create a new label 
identifying 'processed' emails
and mark the forwarded emails with said label, or assign them a color, or move them to a 'forwarded' 
folder, etc

ah, neat.

the command line seems a little
clunky -- if i'm forwarding the whole message, it will get very long,
and if there are quotes in there i imagine i'd be likely to run into
syntax errors.

command line should not come into play..
see attachment ( similar processing should be available via python/other scripting languages ).
can i address evolution-data-server directly somehow,
either from the shell or from a scripting language like python?

i don't know the answer to this one, perhaps someone else will respond
i only really understand python but i cna fake it in other languages
when i have to.  appreciate any and all suggestions!  thanks,


require 'rubygems'
require 'tmail'
require 'net/smtp'

# setup to & from
tomail = 'john doe someplace com'
frommail = 'jane done elsewhere com'

# read in mail from pipe
forwarded_mail = TMail::Mail.parse($

# grab the original sender
# strip the domain from original sender address
sender = forwarded_mail.from
idx = sender[0].index('@')

# grab the send date
senddate =

# populate the new header information
# = tomail
forwarded_mail.from = frommail
newsubject = "FW: " + forwarded_mail.subject.to_s
forwarded_mail.subject = newsubject =

# setup the new mail body
forwarded_mail.body = "On #{senddate} #{sender} said \n\n" + forwarded_mail.body

# send the mail
Net::SMTP.start( '', 25 ) do|smtpclient|

this is great.  if you wanted to have a chance to edit the message
before it was forwarded, how would you do it?  my thought was to
filter it through either mutt or evo rather that using a built-in smtp
module -- that's why i brought up the command line.  so instead of
this last stanza you would have (sorry, i've never used ruby)
something like:

os.system('echo ' + forwarded_mail.body + '| mutt -s "' + newsubject +
'" ' + tomail)

(htat's not quite right, but i htink i could figure out how to do it properly)

anyway io'd lovet o just do that bit through evo, so that the record
would be inside evo...


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