Re: [Evolution] folder disappearance, filter 'on vacation'

On Thu, 2008-10-02 at 09:38 -0500, Daniel L. Johnson wrote:
Dear Experts,

Folders sometimes disappear from my sidebar, and filters fail to
function or disappear sporadically.

I'm using Evolution / Foresight Linux / Gnome 2.22.3 and the
folder-disappearance event has occurred before.

Awhile ago, all the messages in the "Unread" search folder simply
vanished when I deleted one; there have been no messages in it for
several weeks until one unread message showed up 9/24 which has

I was away from work yesterday, so the machine was unattended for 24
hours; evo is always open. When I came to work this morning, a folder
dedicated to a discussion group had vanished and the new messages from
the group are in my Inbox. (I haven't looked around to see where the old
messages are being displayed.)

This raises 2 concerns:
 1: it's a bug
 2: How do I recover the folder and its contents? I have about 10 years
of correspondence in it...

1) Are the folders local or on a remote server? That could affect the
possibility of getting them back, if in fact they were deleted for some

2) For IMAP folders, you could try deleting the
files and let Evo recreate them.

3) For local folders, try the same for
 i.e. everything except MyFolder and MyFolder.sbd if it exists.


PS Stop Evo ("evolution --force-shutdown"} and back up ~/.evolution
before trying this.

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