[Evolution] Fixing up missing Sent emails... importing emails from gmail ? Manually ?

About a month ago, I received the following error after sending emails.
"Value too large for defined data type"

After doing some detective work, I came to the conclusion that my Sent
file had reached its size limit on my operating system. (Fedora 8, 32

As I use gmail as my email server, and because I was busy with other
things in my life, I continued on my merry way sending emails without
fixing the problem, content that everything I sent was stored over in my
gmail account under the Sent folder.

Fast forward to today and its now time to fix this situation.   I did
fix the file size problem by using split to split the Sent file into
multiple pieces.  And now I have a Sent folder again, along with all of
my sent emails except the one at the very beginning of the split files.

However, I would like to somehow import all the Sent emails during this
time period from gmail.   Anyone have any ideas ?

All of the Sent emails are in my gmail account.  No problem there.   But
I would like them back in Evolution as I would then have a complete
record of all the emails I have sent since 2002.  (Pretty impressive
compared to running Outlook Express in the old days !)

I can open each email (about 150 in all) in gmail and select "show
original".  I can "select all", copy and paste the email into a text
file and put it in .evolution/mail/local.  It will be slow, but I can do

The problem with that approach is that Evolution doesn't seem to
recognize the emails that I put in the file, ie it shows zero items.
The gmail format isn't exactly the same as the Evolution format.   How
picky is Evolution about email file formats ?

Is there a better/faster way to accomplish the same thing ?  I'd like
all the emails I've sent during this time to look like they have been
sent from Evolution all along. 

Sorry for the long winded explanation. 


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