[Evolution] It works...


I have a success story for Gentoo users.

After much tinkering, and who knows how many installations, I finally found the right combination that works 
(or at least works enough for proof).

So I compile Samba4 and OpenChange per the MAPI Provider website, except I made the $PREFIX /usr/local.  I 
thought I was stuck under the announced move of evolution-mapi svn (Yay!!). So I grabbed revision 7 at the 
time. I downloaded, compiled, and installed the released versions of Evolution and Evolution data server into 
my production side in /usr.

Finally, I can get mail, and subscribe to Public Folders.  Phase 1 is complete.

Things that are still quirky (I'll file a bug if deemed necessary):

 - Cannot move or copy or delete messages from Public Folder subscriptions
 - If more than one folder is touched Evolution's message download hangs
 - You still have to fux around a bit to get all the icons to show
 - Seg Fault upon finishing the initial account creation and password auth

There are probably a few more, but these are the most bothersome to me.

Jeffrey A Singleton
Systems Technologist III
Motorola AirDefense Solutions
4800 North Point Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30022
1 (800) 913-1257
Support AirDefense Net

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