Re: [Evolution] Changing subject lines of received emails - my changed email subject

On Mon, 2008-05-19 at 19:41 -0400, Reid Thompson wrote:
Reid Thompson wrote:


Anyway.  Maybe she would have better luck with Evolution's email label
feature?  I've not used it myself but it sounds like something she could
make use of.  The only problem is if she wants to have lots and lots of
them created and deleted relatively quickly it might be a problem.
Evo's interface to mail labels is not very "quick and easy".  It's more
geared to "set up a bunch of static labels and reuse them".
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How about the following ...
Edit as new
Modify subject
save as draft
use draft copy as 'key' email
setup filter that can be run on Drafts folder to move 'key' email back to inbox, 
or setup a filter to move/copy ALL pertinent emails from Inbox/Drafts to a 
designated folder

Alternatively, set up virtual folders to classify the messages. This
won't change the Subject of course, but would help group related mails
together, and you could use the folder name as a hint. Not sure how this
would scale since it's still fairly manual.


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