[Evolution] e_dbhash_new not found


i downloaded and compiled latest evolution-,
gtkhtml-3.23.3.tar.bz2, glib-2.17.0.tar.bz2,
evolution-exchange-2.23.3.tar.bz2 and

configuring, making and installing all worked well.

but when i startet new evolution 2.23.3 it complained about not finding
function e_dbhash_new.

this is not the case with evolution 2.23.1.

i found definition of function e_dbhash_new in
evolution-data-server-2.23.3/libebackend/e-dbhash.c which ALSO exists in

but when building and running evolution 2.23.1 there is no such error.

so why or where is the bug, why 2.23.3 doesn't find e_dbhash_new whereas
2.23.1 has no problems finding it.

this problem first occured in version 2.23.2.

does anybody know where this problem comes from?
thanks in advance.
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