Re: [Evolution] location of data files

However, I do have to say I feel Jimmy's pain a bit here.  It does seem
like, if we can document the process to do this recovery in the FAQ we
should be able to create some easier-to-use facility for doing it.  A
shell script _at least_, if not something more integrated into
Evolution.  Maybe a script that can be run to "bundle up" all the
relevant info from the old system (having it be a script instead of/in
addition to an option from a menu or something allows for it to be run
in situations like Jimmy's, where you can't run Evolution anymore on the
old environment), then an option on the Evo "Import" menu that would
import that bundle.

I honestly don't know enough about gconf etc. to understand how many of
the steps (such as "shut down gconfd completely" etc.) are absolutely
required and don't have a "nicer" way of implementation.

Er, couldn't we do it based on the current backup option?

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