Re: [Evolution] Connecting to Exchange with latest SVN

I can confirm this with 2.21.5 (tried it on my Hardy Heron machine). I'm
trying to add a Exchange-account during initial setup but I cannot get
pass the Authenticate-step.


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Subject: [Evolution] Connecting to Exchange with latest SVN
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 17:47:26 +0100

Saw a notice today about 2.21.5 being avail. Thought I should give it a
try but failed with all the manual compiling (on my Ubuntu Gutsy

Anyways, did it a little easier and used the Makefile from 

With this version I cannot authenticate against my Exchange 2003 server.

I also have a problem with my IMAP-account, it keeps forgetting the

I did the best I could on Gnomes not-so-cool bug reporting tool and
could not find either of these bugs already reported. Could it be that
these issues are not present in the 2.21.5 release but is present in



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