[Evolution] evolution connector 2.21.5

    Hi all,
         I am using evolution connnector to exchange 2003. Maybe this is
no longer emphasized, with mapi coming?
 Anyway...2.21.5 seems unable to enter a password to read my calendar. I
WARNING **: Unable to load calendar Authentication required.

When I re-ran 2.21.4, entered the password there and went to 2.21.5 it
was fine, and now I have the calendar, but I think something is wrong.
  If I forget passwords I get back to the previous behaviour.

eds complains that:
  libebookbackend-WARNING **: libdb error: fatal region error detected;
run recovery in server_log_handler

   Any ideas?
Ps. Also, I seem to stupid to compile evo-exchange on 64 bit fedora.  
If I point to /usr/lib64/evolution-openldap it still tries to find
libraries in /usr/lib64/evolution-openldap/lib
not /usr/lib64/evolution-openldap/lib64. I could soft link but...

Dr William Murray       w j murray rl ac uk      (44)-1235-446256
RAL, Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Didcot, OX11 0QX, UK

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