[Evolution] Can Evolution Access Exchange 2007 Via IMAP?

I was given the sever names for accessing Exchange 2007 server via IMAP
(not MAPI!). (This can be done so long as the computer is directly
connected to the wired network.) I have the server dns names, my logon
id and password, and the domain (which I'm preappending to the id
(domain\username) but Evolution won't connect. Can Evolution be used to
connect via imap to an Exchange 2007 server? When I'm setting up
receiving and sending e-mail, I can authenticate to find the types of
authentication that can be used so I know the server names are correct.
Here is what is printed in the terminal window:

get xxxx-acct\xxxxxxxx imap://xxxx-acct%5cxxxxx.xxxx.xxxx.edu/
Find Items 9
Couldn't Get password 9

I have x'd out stuff for security. The user id and password work if I
access via the web page or citrix server. Any idea on what is wrong?

Rick B.

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