[Evolution] Send & Receive Popup Fix wanted ??


This a small nitpick that has more to do with my habits than Evolution
but I would like to change it nonetheless.

The Send & Receive Popup is vertically about 10 pixels too small.  I
have four accounts that it shows but with the bottom SMPT account half
hidden and as a consequence the scroll bar shows up.  That is as it is
supposed to be I assume.  But it annoys me a little and I keep catching
myself using my mouse to increase the size until the scroll bar
disappears.  I admit it is a wasted motion and just a bad habit.

However, how can I permanently add 10 pixels or so to the popup's
dimensions so that I won't be tempted to keep playing with it?  I
couldn't find anything in gconf-edit to change and I am not certain of
the programmatic name of this popup.

Regards Bill

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