[Evolution] Do you use Google Calendars and Palm TX?

I have been sync'ing my Palm TX with Evolution for months and am now on Evolution 2.24.2

However all this time the system decides, very arbitrarily which appointments it wants to sync.

For example, I have appointments in Google for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and have just used sync three times and it has chosen to send only the Monday's appointment.

It's OK as I am now retired. As long as we don't rely on business people wanting to use Evolution I guess it is OK and I can wait. I am only asking in case it is just my end that has the trouble.

Is there anyone else using Google Calendar and gets the information into Evolution Calendar, and then...

(a) manages to sync ALL the appointments into any Palm PDA


(b) manages to sync all the appointments with the Palm TX?

Andrew "Ampers" Taylor
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