[Evolution] Issue with multi-day appointments being off by a day with Exchange 2003

I'm still seeing an issue in Evo ( where appoints that have
been created on an Exchange server (6.5 in this case) that span
multiple days or are all-day appointments start a day earlier than they
should when viewed in Evolution.

For example, Christmas Day shows up as Dec 25 on the Exchange calendar
when viewed in Outlook or OWA, but shows up as Dec 24 in Evolution.
It's not off by an hour, the appointment in Evolutions actuall says
start and end on Dec 24.  Appointments that go from Wed. to Fri. in
Exchange show up in Evo as Tues. to Thurs.

Anyone else seeing this?  Is there a fix?  I like using Evo for work
e-mail, but this makes it much harder to manage appointments.

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