[Evolution] Shared calendars

Hello everyone,

I have a second question : on the Exchange server, there are some shared callendars of my collegues. I want to view them but I can't. In Evolution, I went to Folder/Folder Subscriptions and I then choose my exchange account but it showed me nothing except a blank page. I also tryied it by clicking on "File/Subscribe to other user's folder" and choose my exchange account, the right collegue's name and the "calendar" folder but I got a "Permission denied error". I can acces them with outlook on win.

Is there something to configure to have access to shared calendars? Something else to do?

Thank you so much.


Nicolas MICHEL
Administrateur réseau Linux

Professional Computing Solutions
Rue César de Paepe 43
Tél: 04/248 82 40
Fax: 04/248 82 49
mail : nicolas michel pcsol be

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