Re: [Evolution] using maildir format

On Tue, 2008-12-30 at 14:54 +1030, Dr Mark H Phillips wrote:

I am trying to work out how to make evolution (2.24.2)
use the maildir format by default instead of mbox.  I
can't seem to tell it to do this.

Does evolution support maildir?  I thought it did.

The reason I am trying to move to maildir is that I have
a large number of stored emails (which I don't want
to delete) and mbox seems not to handle this situation

Are you having some specific problem?

My understanding is that maildir handles this
much better.

That's a matter of opinion. Maildir was designed to permit multiple
concurrent updates of a mailbox without locking, and is thus suitable
for mail stores kept on a fileserver (e.g. NFS). For local mailboxes
this aspect shouldn't matter. It also follows the one-message-per-file
model rather than mbox's one-folder-per-file so there may be performance
differences, but it's not a simple case of one always being better than
the other.

People's thoughts?

Maildir was discussed in the last few days on this list. Take a look at
the archives (


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