[Evolution] Contacts parsing

Evolution 2.24.2

I have some company contacts that have a company name, but no
individual's name.  When I use the "File Under field" to select the
company name, it fills the full name field with that name as well which
wouldn't by itself be a problem, but then it parses the name into absurd
things like
First: Evolution
Middle: User
Last: list

And then when I sync to my Centro phone, I get the contact listed with
these silly names.

Is there a way to turn off this silly helpfulness?  I couldn't find
anything in the preferences.

Art Alexion
Resources for Human Development, Inc.          215-951-0300 x3075
4700 Wissahickon Ave.                                 art rhd org
Philadelphia, PA 19144                                www.rhd.org

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