Re: [Evolution] Kerberos authentication

On Mon, 2008-12-29 at 13:48 +0100, Nicolas Michel wrote:
Hello everyone,


I'm trying to put my linux into a Microsoft domain (I'm on Ubuntu
8.10). This is done with the "likewise-open" package.
I'm using Evolution to get my mails from an exchange server. But for
now, I have to authenticate with a user and password, remained by
I would like to configure Evolution to have a kerberos authentication.

Give up.  This is one of the many regressions in 2.24.  Kerberos no
longer works.  Not sure why a minor version upgrade could break such a
feature, but it did.

This is filed as bug #554182
( and confirmed by
others at the Gnome bugzilla tracker but it appears to be getting no
attention at all from the developers.  In fact it has not even been
triaged yet.

You know, I'd be very disturbed to know that some Evo. developers were
actively working on new features when there have been so many
regressions in 2.24 and yet no-one is working on them.


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