Re: [Evolution] Restoring maildir mails from F9 Evolution to F10 evolution

On Sun, 2008-12-28 at 14:06 +1100, Jesus Jr M Salvo wrote:
That's exactly what I have done. I pointed the directory to the
~/crypt/SharedMail ( which is the decrypted version of ~/.crypt-raw
using EncFS ), which is essentially a "backup" from a USB pen drive.
However, Evo does not "see" any of the emails that are in that
maildir. I presume yours did ?

It saw the directory structure immediately but not the emails. I had to
go through and click each folder in Evolution. Once I clicked on the
folder, some sort of re-indexing process started and a few seconds to a
few minutes later that folder's email would become visible. This is
similar to the process you have to go through to delete stuff in
Evolution (at least with maildir); you have to click each folder and
select "Expunge". 

It would be so much easier if Evolution had functions like "Expunge all
folders" and "Re-index all folders". Especially for us organized folks
who have many folders and sub folders. Perhaps someday we'll find a way
for computers to automate repetitive manual tasks. :-/

One question though: Did you "restore" the maildir from backup first
before creating the Evo maildir account ... or did you create the Evo
maildir account, and then restore the maildir from backup ?

I think the order was something like this:

1. Install Fedora 10
2. Start Evolution and set up my POP3 account
3. Restore the maildir folders from my backup drive
4. Create the maildir account in Evolution
5. Click through maildir folders in Evo one at a time to reindex.


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