Re: [Evolution] Restoring maildir mails from F9 Evolution to F10 evolution

2008/12/28 R. Steven Rainwater <srainwater ncc com>:
On Sat, 2008-12-27 at 16:57 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
I have installed ( instead of upgraded ) F10 over an existing F9

I just finished going through the same Evolution upgrade here; Fedora 9
to Fedora 10 and I use maildir for local storage. The thing to remember
is that these days Evolution considers local maildir storage to be a
"protocol" for a "remote account" like POP3 or IMAP. On older versions
of Evolution, it was considered just another file format for local
storage (as it should be IMHO) - so you just selected maildir instead of
mbox and for the storage format of a given folder and you were done.
It's much more complicated to set up now:

Go to Edit -> Preferences

Select "Mail accounts"

Click "add"

And then follow the dialogs to set it up as if you were setting up a
remote email account. When you get to the "Receiving Email" section
select "maildir" for the server type. It will ask you for a directory
path and you can point it to the maildir directory you preserved from
your old Evolution setup. You'll have to duplicate your SMTP server
setup too - or at least I haven't found a way to have it use the SMTP
server from the real mail account when using maildir storage. This
process also generates several superfluous folders including inbox,
junk, drafts, and trash. There doesn't appear to be any way to delete
these but you can safely ignore them as they'll never be used.

That's exactly what I have done. I pointed the directory to the
~/crypt/SharedMail ( which is the decrypted version of ~/.crypt-raw
using EncFS ), which is essentially a "backup" from a USB pen drive.
However, Evo does not "see" any of the emails that are in that
maildir. I presume yours did ?

One question though: Did you "restore" the maildir from backup first
before creating the Evo maildir account ... or did you create the Evo
maildir account, and then restore the maildir from backup ? Just
curious if it makes any difference. I did the first option, restore
from backup first, and then create the Evo maildir account.

If you're like me and get your mail through a POP3 or IMAP account,
you'll have to build a system of filters to get the mail from the POP3
inbox into the local maildir storage folders. So:

That's what I have to: Receive mail from my ISP via POP3 "account" via
TLS/SSL, and then have filters to "move" the new mail to the maildir
account. For now, I am not concerned about the filters, as I just need
Evo to "see" the mails that are already in the maildir directory.

I'll tinker for a few days, and see what else I can do. Otherwise,
I'll try to see if kmail could "see" the mails in the maildir
directory, and then try to export from kmail to Evo ... hopefully
still using maildir though.


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