Re: [Evolution] Restoring maildir mails from F9 Evolution to F10 evolution

2008/12/28 Patrick O'Callaghan <poc usb ve>:
On Sat, 2008-12-27 at 19:17 +1100, Jesus Jr M Salvo wrote:

I have installed ( instead of upgraded ) F10 over an existing F9
installation. Have to mention Fedora release here as I can't recall
the release numbers of Evolution that came with F9.

F9 -> 2.22
F10 -> 2.24

The local file structure changed from 2.22 to 2.24 because Evo now uses
an SQL database for indexing.

This might be useful:



Thanks for that, but I have read that earlier and:

1) The first part of that FAQ assumes that you WANT to use mbox with
Evolution. It says "If your KMail folders are set to MBox," ... But I
would prefer maildir over mbox.

2) The second part of that FAQ also says "If your KMail folders are
set to Maildir, set up a mail account in Evolution (a bogus account)
and select server type as maildir and point to the appropriate
folders" ... which is what I have done.

Also, I have tried to view "deleted" mail and nothing is still shown.

3) The third part of the FAQ that says "'You can also find a script
for exporting mail from kmail to Evolution .. blah .." is also a
script to convert from maildir to mbox.

Is there a way to keep on using maildir ?


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