Re: [Evolution] Compiling evolution-data-server-2.24.2 error

On Tue, 2008-12-16 at 07:20 -0800, Anthony Wolfe wrote:
I am trying to compile the evolution 2.24 and on the data server 2.24 part.  (opensuse 11,x86_64)
configure works fine -- configure.log shows exit 0
make -> produces first error of "e-msgport.c:39:18: error: nspr.h: No such file or directory" 

I have nspr.h in the following directory..../usr/include/nspr4/nspr.h

I've tried running configure --includedir /usr/include/nspr4

make produces same error

I've tried running make -I /usr/include/nspr4

produces the same error


How can I get this to find the .h file, or is something else going on?

Try "--with-nspr-include=/usr/include/nspr4"

Also "./configure --help" for full details.


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