Re: [Evolution] evolution mail

On Tue, 2008-12-02 at 23:12 -0500, roland marple wrote:
I have just activated evolution in ubuntu 8.04 and activated secure
connection LTS and send mail but for some reason I don't receive any.
Please advise me as to how to rectify this problem

You give almost no information that might indicate what's wrong. At a
minimum you need to say if you're using POP or IMAP (or Exchange), and
if possible what kind of server you're connecting to (Cyrus, Dovecot,
UW, Courier, ...). It would also help to know if other mail clients work
on the same system, e.g. Thunderbird.

And as always, check out the FAQ to see if your question has already
been answered before: go to Help->FAQ from within Evo.


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