[Evolution] Importing old mailbox


I have an old folder structure created using earlier versions of evolution but
since erased.
Further I have a back up of the folder structure that is made while evolution
is running.

My folders are typically remote folders with a local backup.

Now I would like to use the content of the local backup from the backup to
restore my messages.

I have tried to do a restore of the disk but evolution fails utterly to
recognize the data, I get my local folder back but none of the remote ones.

Note that I perform this operation without network connection since the whole
point is to not sync and lose the lost messages again.

I have tried to import the old folders - evolution doesn't know how to import
messages stored in evolution local store format.

I have tried to copy out the messages, but have yet to figure out how to make
an mbox out of the number.HEADER, number.1.MIME, number.1.1.MIME, number.1.1,
number.2.MIME, number.2 and so on files.

What am I supposed to do to get my data back?


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