Re: [Evolution] Can I get an IMAP folder update up in here!

On Wed, 2008-12-17 at 10:35 -0800, David Graves wrote:
Pretty please, with sugar on top, update the fscking folder once in a

I'm not saying that you're wrong but FYI the way I have developed to
keep this from burning me is:

I go through my Junk folder regularly, including before I leave from
work, and once I verify there is nothing in there I want to un-junk, I
use C-a C-d C-e (select all, delete, expunge).

The expunge causes all my deleted mail to go away as well.  When I get
home the most I have to do is hit Send/Receive and sometimes not even

I agree it sucks very, very much when I forget to do this and I have to
go through and re-delete everything.  Also, I suppose that if I wanted
to keep my deleted mail around longer than a few hours it wouldn't work
so well.

So, I agree with your plea -- but here's a potential workflow that could
reduce your frustration.  Maybe.

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