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On Sat, 13 Dec 2008 00:27:05 +0100
"Peter Frenning [OZ1PIF]" <peter frenning dk> wrote:

Who can point me to instructions on how to move my existing
mailfolders (many) and their content (much) from Mozilla TBird to
evolution, I would like to attempt the switch, but not without the


Use a file manager or use terminal commands to copy TBird's mail files
directly Evolution. Both clients use the same mbox file format. Try one
or two files first, then compare the number of emails for the same
folder in each email client. You may find that a very small percentage
of emails don't make it. Your mileage may vary. 

Copy the TB files with *no* extension on them. If you have a TBird
email folder called Blah, just copy the file named Blah -- not
Blah.msf. Once you've copied the file into the right location
-- /home/~/.evolution/Mail/pop/inbox -- restart Evolution. (You'll
need to sub imap or local for pop in that string if you're using
those approaches to bringing in email.) 

Once Evo starts up and builds some support files for Blah and its
buddies, which may take a while depending on file size, you'll see them
under Inbox in Evo. Then just drag one folder into another to rebuild
any filing system you had on TBird.

One other thing I've noticed. Sometimes emails that appear to have
gone missing after the transfer show up in Evo's Trash folder. So if you
come up short, check there. If you find transfered emails there, and
you want to keep them, just drag them into your inbox, or wherever. 

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