Re: [Evolution] searching whole calendar (all years)

On Tue, 2008-12-02 at 20:31 -0500, 1620 user wrote:

How do I search my whole calendar for an appointment?   I know how to
search any specific month.    However, this is an annual appointment,
which I somehow added with the wrong date, and I haven't the faintest
idea where it is.


I do not see any possibility for this in the UI, the only way I can
think of is to use Search->Edit saved searches (you can do the same in
the upper right corner, if the search is simple), specify there your
search criteria and then move through the months in the left bottom
calendar, looking for bold days.

If you give it enough space, you can see more than one month (6 months
to me on 1280x1024 screen size).

I know, that's nothing much when looking for an unknown event, but I'm
afraid nothing other from the UI at the moment.

Feel free to file an enhancement bug on under
Evolution product to have such search available.
        Hope that helps,

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