[Evolution] cvs import/export

Hi all,

I'm new to that mailing list so please don't blame me if I do not follow
any written or unwritten rules here, but point them to me in you reply.

I want to point your attention to a fact which I think is a bug in
I use version in ubuntu 08.04 with locale utf-8 setting. If I
export my addressbook with the cmd-line tool
evolution-addressbook-export to csv and try to re-import it with the
gui-tool in evolution all German Umlaute (ÃÃÃÃ) where messed up.

The second point where I would like to help to improve the situation is
the export and import of csv-files in evolution. I would like to export
all available informations in the evolution contact databases. So I
would like to have more columns for im- and export.
Are there any activities from somebody at this point, or has a newer
version some improvements at this point?

I hope you do not get the impression I want to be impolite. I would like
to help and search for some people working on that topic or whom I can
sent the patches, if I have to do it on my own.

Hope to get some answers.


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