[Evolution] Does Evolution really need to be so terribly bad?

Hello All,

I discovered Evolution because it comes with Fedora and I must say I now truly loathe this program but maybe I am just too stupid to use it in which case I am willing to be taught the right way. Anyway, first of all why is there no easy feedback mechanism? I would appreciate having a dedicated email address to write to about how rubbish my experience has been so far. Never mind, hopefully this does the trick instead. Now without further ado, here are the reasons why and how this little devil's software has been driving me mad like a cow.
It has mainly to do with the way emails are stored. For me it is important to save messages on my PC for future reference otherwise I would just use my provider's online facility but that sadly deletes emails after a certain period of time. The first thing I noticed was that emails that have been deleted are moved to Trash as should be but from there individual deletion of emails is not possible any more as only the entire folder can be purged. I accepted that as silly yet not crucial so I undeleted all my emails and started to sort those that I wanted to archive in a separate folder. All fine and dandy I thought. The only problem was that by some unexplainable magical twist in hell's master plan some of my emails reappeared in the trash folder although I had not deleted but moved them into my shiny new archive folder. Mightily confused I undeleted all those emails again only to find out that it caused those emails to be duplicated, I believe!? The end of the story is that I have loads of duplicated emails all over the place, have lost all track of pretty much everything and as a consequence am now so highly frustrated that I had to sit down and write these lines.
Gosh, Evolution has really done my head in, and I actually do like Darwin's ideas. I suggest the name be changed to something more suitable, how about Mail Muncher?
I acknowledge my lack of sophisticated knowledge of PC software and Evolution in particular however I suggest that if even I manage to mess things up so quickly you guys better change the way the program works.

Best wishes

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