Re: [Evolution] how can i recover my lost mails?

On Mon, 2008-08-25 at 15:32 -0400, Luis Ernesto Zillich wrote:
Hi, in the office i work, the secretary has Evolution, and had a lot
of mails, divide in path per year.
She ran the antivirus Clamtk, it did found viruses (23) and put it un
quarentine (she said), but i do not found anything in the quarentine
list, she also did not look witch files were infected.

She has path for every single year, Inbox and Sent example

Inbox 2007
Inbox 2006
Inbox 2005
Inbox 2004
Inbox 2003
Inbox 2002

Sent 2007
Sent 2006
Sent 2005
Sent 2004
Sent 2003
Sent 2002

Are these all at the same level or do they form a hierarchy?

but now, it only appears the Inbox 2002 and Sent 2003, all the other
paths are disapear!!!

how can i recover thouse paths??

First of all you need to say if these are local folders or not, i.e. are
they on the user's machine or on a mail server?

If they're on an IMAP server, you may be able to recover them by doing
Folder->Subscriptions and checking the boxes.

If they are local, see if they still exist somewhere in the ~/.evolution
directory, in which case you may be able to import them (File->Import).

Also, when asking a question about Evolution, please state which version
you are using (see Help->About).


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