[Evolution] Evolution ghastly slow.

I'm running Evolution for my mailer on CentOS 5.2 (yes, I know it's OLD,
but it's supposed to be STABLE), Evo v. 2.12.3, and I'm seeing the most
horrendously slow responses when I save an email to a folder.  Some are
quick, but most of them are awfully slow, and there are only a small few
that are larger than 20MB or so.

What should I look for that might be inhibiting a decent response.  By
slow, I mean 10-30 seconds, sometimes more, for the action to be taken.
This is an AMD 64x2 2.2GHz system with 4GB of main memory, so I don't
think the hardware is the problem, and everything else on the system is
extremely (and satisfyingly) fast.



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