[Evolution] Keyring Manager problem with e-mail on Evolution

This seems to be a rather old problem, but having installed OpenSuSE
10.3 with the Gnome Desktop (always used KDE before) I am rather
perplexed with the following problem:

1. When logged on as root I started configuring Evolution and had no
problem with the Keyring Manager as it asked for a Master password, and
remembered it, and receiving/sending e-mail worked OK

2. When logged on as User however the Keyring Manager became nasty,
because it said it was locked and needed a Master password to open. To
my surprise it refused to accept the previously set Master password. I
presume it is a question of file permissions, so if I knew where I could
find the location of the password, I could give read permission to it,
and all should be OK?

3. Finally after spending most of a day I gave up, and installed Mozilla
Thunderbird. However I am sure there is an answer out there - help
please! I have just received the new OpenSuSE 11.0 version, but will
like to fix the mess first and then install ver 11.0 over it.

This PC runs Windows Vista Home Premium and to my surprise SuSE 10.3
actually boots up faster!

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