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From Andreas Pfefferle t-online de Sun Aug 12 22:35:18 2007
Subject: Trouble with pop account on evolution startup.
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I am using evolution 2.6.3 on Debian Edge amd64. My pop server is
popmail.t-online.de. When I start up evolution in online mode there pops
up a dialog:

Unable to connect to POP server popmail.t-online.de.
Error sending username: 

Please enter the POP password for **** on host popmail.t-online.de

After entering the password and clicking OK the same dialog shows up
again and again. You have to cancel the dialog to get into evolution.
Now you are in offline mode. When you do File->Work Online the annoying
pop up dialog does not appear. Popping from popmail.t-online.de works. I
searched the web for information and only found an unanswered question
posted on 
http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/106625/previous/ describing exactly
the same problem with the also German site web.de.

What happens on evolution startup when popping mails from the pop server
that is different from popping after startup?

I already filed a bug in regard to this problem but I forgot the bug id.

The problem is annoying, but evolution is great!

Thanks a lot!

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