[Evolution] Position of highlight in preview pane

   I just upgraded from Evo 2.0.x to 2.12.3 (under RedHat EL5 smp).
Now every time I download new mail (POP server), the highlighted
line in the preview pane jumps to the first (oldest) item there.
It used to go to the first of the new mails, or maybe the
last old mail I viewed, I'm not sure which.  The new behavior
is useless and annoying.
   Is there any way to restore the previous behavior, (preferably,
to make the highlight stay right where it was before the download)?
(I looked in the help and the list archives with no luck--
lots of items about caret mode and the position of the
cursor in a mail item, but I am talking about the list of
mails at the top of the preview pane, not any particular
mail item.)
   Thanks for any help,
George Reeke, Ph.D.
Head, Laboratory of Biological Modelling
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Avenue
New York, NY  10065
email:  reeke rockefeller edu

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