Re: [Evolution] How to use maildir as storage format?

On Thu, 2008-07-24 at 12:42 -0500, Miguel Angel Cañedo wrote:
I know that there is some kind of maildir support in order to
configure an incoming account from a maildir.

But I want to have my regular pop3 account to store all my files in a
maildir, how can I do that?

Email is my main tool at work and I send and receive a lot of

I switched to evolution when I switched to ubuntu, but my inbox in
evolution gets some kind of des-synchrnozation with the index, very
often... My experience is that maildir is more robust.

This was possible in the not too distant past (maybe two years ago), but
is not longer possible.  I used evolution successfully with folders in
maildir instead of mbox form for at about a year, till the capability
was removed.  Does anyone know how difficult it would be to restore it?

The code for handling maildir folders doesn't seem to be in the current
source.  I downloaded the source for the current version, namely:
but grepping for maildir, namely:
        find `ls | grep -v help` -type f | xargs fgrep -i maildir
didn't show anything interesting.

Any info would be helpful - jon

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