Re: [Evolution] Exchange account only showing most recent e-mails

On Mon, 2008-08-04 at 13:52 -0400, Paul Smith wrote:
On Mon, 2008-08-04 at 13:35 -0400, Doctor Who wrote:
I would obviously like to get *all* the mails back.  What might be the
issue here?  I believe the exchange backend is 2003, but it may be

I believe this is an instance of bug 478151:

There's a description there of how to fix this, although the fix is
typically temporary.  Only someone determining what the real problem is
will fix it for good.  I still believe there's a bug in the cache
management code, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the Evo devs still
think it has something to do with spam filtering :-).

Anyway, at this point I'm just hoping that the new Evo version, which
will use sqlite for the cache database, will magically fix this problem
(or am I dreaming?)

I hope so too.

running svn head, two issues I'm seeing right now are:
1) the count total listed for a folder can get in an invalid state
( listing negative numbers )
2) I have some filters setup to move or copy email from inbox to other
folders, and for at least a couple of filters, two copies of the email
are ending up in the 'to' folder.

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